On Writing

It is high time I make good on my resolve to write in this blog.

I seem to have developed some sort of writer’s anxiety. I have started multiple posts in my head and even started one that is now sitting in Drafts neglected and unfinished. Apparently writing is significantly more difficult when you think about instead of just doing it.

That said, I have enlisted some help, I hope, in the form of some reading material. That sounds promising doesn’t it? How to Be a Writer in 7 Days….Develop Your Craft While You Sleep….or, I really like the sound of this title; How to Write Deep and Inspiring Thoughts With Constant Interruption.

Well no, those sources don’t actually exist as much as I wish they did, but I have gotten my hands on these books, One Year to a Writing Life, by Susan M. Tiberghien and, Writing Alone and With Others, by Pat Schneider and The Writing Life, by Annie Dillard.

The Writing Life is as I suspected about writers. They really are pretty much possessed…in a good way no doubt, but nevertheless, possessed. I’m not sure I qualify, or want to qualify anyway.

Writing Alone and With Others is a nice encouraging book about how to find your voice either on your own, but especially in an accepting group context. Jumping into the blogging mania hardly seems encouraging or accepting, but it will have to do at the moment.

One Year To a Writing Life, is so far the most promising with 12 practical lessons to improve your writing. But there are small exercises to accomplish in each lesson as well.

Incidently, the first lesson to deepen a writer’s art and craft is journaling….How about that! Journal everyday she says, first thing in the morning.

Who knows, maybe there is something to developing your craft while you sleep.


One thought on “On Writing

  1. Well, I’ve added you to my Feedly list and will be glad to read your posts. The hardest part of writing for me, apart from the shear grunt work of expressing myself effectively, is finding (and knowing when I’ve found) thoughts worth writing. If I have a core idea that I’m sure is worth sharing, then the grunt work of framing the idea well is worth it.

    Thanks for listing my blog on your site!


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