The First Step

I can’t remember the first time I thought about starting a blog. But has been a while ago.

It’s been something that interests me but terrifies me. I read other people’s blogs and they seem so perfect and they write so well. How can I possibly compete?

But the thought has hung around. Every so often I have done my typical self educating on it….checked out Pinterest… looked for online blogging and writing classes… audited an online photography class…. clicked through You-tube tutorials… picked up books on writing…read articles on how to organize your blog schedule…how to blog to make money…how to blog to boost your business….

Finally it’s like; Good grief, how am I going to do it if I don’t just do it?

So. Here I am and it’s not that hard to get started…it’s really not.

Even if I don’t have a DSLR camera…

or a business…



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